eBags Professional Slim Junior Laptop Backpack (Solid Black)

By | July 27, 2017
eBags Professional Slim Junior Laptop Backpack (Solid Black)

The TLS Professional Slim biJuniorib follows on the enormous success of the original Professional Slim. We have a different point of view when it comes to a laptop backpack. Gone are the bungee cords, exterior mesh pockets, carabineer clips, and all of the other bling that has no place in a professional setting. The Slim Junior includes all of the same incredible features, but in a smaller size. We’ve kept an all-black dress code that doesn’t look out of place in an office setting despite being a backpack. The Heathered Graphite and Brushed Indigo make a subtle statement. You still get to enjoy all of the original features just scaled down a bit. Plus we’ve added an additional pocket in the laptop compartment for those of you with the ultra-thin laptops.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty* against defects in materials and workmanship
  • Uber organized with fully padded lockable laptop and tablet compartments, crush-proof AC adaptor garage and zippered water bottle pocket
  • Fits laptops 1.5 D x 11.5″ W x 14.75″ H (15.75″ with secondary pad removed) and tablet compartment is 8.125 x 11.5
  • Easily converts from backpack to briefcase and includes vertical and horizontal luggage handle pass-thru panels
  • Well-padded vented Airmesh back panel and contoured backpack straps with removable adjustable shock-load sternum strap

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Price: EUR 102,93

3 thoughts on “eBags Professional Slim Junior Laptop Backpack (Solid Black)

  1. Valerio
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Slim It Is!, January 16, 2017
    Valerio (PA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: eBags Professional Slim Junior Laptop Backpack (Luggage)
    Summary – Buy the ebags Slim Jr. if you are tired of using the same bag as everybody else, if you want a neat and professional look, if you want a bag that helps organize things well but also forces you to minimize what you carry, and if you don’t want to spend gobs of money for high end options. I’m pleased with the bag after a couple of months daily use and a few air travel trips.

    I got tired of my sloppy, huge Swiss Gear bag (see pic). It served me well but it became like my old baggy fitting clothes that are now replaced with a neater fit. As a frequent traveler, I was seeking something neater looking and a bit more compact.

    I was also looking at backpack styles from Osprey, Timbuktu Q, SOLO Bradford, and the eBags Professional Slim.

    Thanks for the other reviews so far and to David Zhang’s great YouTube review of the regular Slim model. I confirm all positive things said about the bag and some of the negatives. I will try to focus on some new perspectives here.

    I chose the Slim Jr. over the other brands mainly due to it’s storage features, especially the rigid garage at the bottom (huge) and the front organizer panel which enables you to separate small items and reveal them easily to get them. I chose the Slim Junior over the standard Slim primarily because of the 2 inches difference in height, especially knowing the Jr. will fit nicely under airplane seats. I wouldn’t mind if the Slim Jr. was even 1 inch deeper though.
    All zippers are YKK and so are some of the plastic anchors. Good stuff.
    All external zippers, including bottom garage and front pouch) can be locked for tamper evidence using a small ring, as shown for the top set in the eBags product images. The backpacker in me could see using these rings as lashing points to tie on something light such as a jacket.
    The compartment for the computer has vertical space left at the top with magazines/notebook in there, even with the bottom pad in place. I might get a ditty bag to keep stuff in this available space.
    The bottle holder is a bit small as others say but it held my Nalgene bottle quite snugly and I would trust it.
    I foresee using the bottle pocket for holding valuables while going through airport security. I prefer to put them in my bag rather than leave them loose in the scanner tray.
    Stuffing the main compartments makes the outmost front pocket quite tight, leaving space only for papers. When I removed my fleece vest, I could fit my valuables in there too.
    The pass-thru for luggage handle worked ok for my small Victorinox roller (although still not a quick task) but not at all for my Travel Pro. The Travel Pro handle is wide and rubberized so it just wouldn’t slide through. See the photo showing a simple work-around using a small carabiner, which has worked well on several trips now.
    The edges of the pass-thru are too tight and almost wrapped around the outside edges of the bag, making it harder to use. eBags could make this pass-thru pocket a little looser or come up with another simple retaining method.
    The sternum straps come off which is a good for making the look even neater (see pictures of this clip).
    Extra length on the shoulder straps is easily tucked away (see pic).
    Standing upright with good stability is really nice for a soft bag thanks to the rigid box at the bottom. There’s also a fair amount of stiffening padding throughout. Some were critical of this but I like it.

    In conclusion, I was looking for a slim and compact bag more professional looking than the old Swiss Gear and the Slim Junior fits those requirements very well. Transferring my stuff from the Swiss Gear revealed a silly amount of extra pens, thumb drives, packs of gum, etc. that accumulated over time in the dark abyss pockets (see pic). I’m glad this bag will help me keep things simpler and lighter. It’s a great bag to consider if you’re looking for a unique, slim and neat bag that organizes things very well.

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  2. Daniel Rossin
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Slim Vs Slim Junior, November 15, 2016

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: eBags Professional Slim Junior Laptop Backpack (Luggage)
    So far so good. Originally the bag arrived and I was a little worried about how small it was. I ended up ordering the larger Professional Slim bag and comparing the sizes in person. This smaller bag really does everything the bigger bag does but better. It can still fit everything I tried to put it in them, including my laptop, tablet, power brick, battery bank, various cables and cords, light sweatshirt, compact umbrella, camelbak water bottle, and various other small travel items.

    – More space thank you may think
    – Light
    – Easy to Organize
    – Good materials
    – Slim profile and good looking bag

    – Not a backpack for someone looking to store more than a single days worth of clothes on top of the laptop portion of the bag. If you need an overnight bag for traveling with some flexibility to extend a stay this will be to small for you.

    Comparison to Professional Slim
    – This bag is much lighter and can still fix most laptops you would try to fit inside unless its a gaming laptop
    – The original Slim can fit a good amount more in the main compartment. The bag is about 2 inches thicker and most of that is made available to the main compartment. The bag is also a few inches taller meaning it can fit larger laptops
    – The Slim Junior has a sligtly more tapored designed from bottom to top
    – The L zipper makes more sense on the smaller Junior bag. It’s easier to reach in and get access to the further corner of the bag on the Junior.

    I find the original Slim to be in a weird place now. The Ebags Professional Weekender is not to much larger than the slim and fits the need of a laptop bag with extra room for other trip essentials like clothes, toiletries, bigger items like projectors, or lots of camera equipment. The Weekender ends up being good carry on Luggage for a trip while the Slim Junior is small enough to be your personal item, and travel briefcase. The Processional Slim is left somewhere in-between. To small to be considered efficient carry on if you usually travel with the standard 21″x14″x9″ luggage. It is also over the limit for most airlines person item dimensions. I am sure someone will correct me and say they flew with the original slim no problem, which I would believe. Not all airlines measure every personal item bag. But the point remains if you do not want to check a bag and you already have carry on luggage, the original slim may be to large to count as your personal item. You may get stuck checking it or your carry on.

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  3. Emily
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    GREAT backpack! Worth the money!!!, August 20, 2016

    This review is from: eBags Professional Slim Junior Laptop Backpack (Luggage)
    So I bought this through Ebags only because it was $10 less due to a back to school savings code: CAMPUS. I will be writing another review to talk about how this bag holds up after a couple of months. I am extremely happy with my purchase. I was somewhat worried about the size of this bag and thought that it might be too small to its counter part (TLS Slim Regular). But it was perfect!!!. I am a female and im 5’3. I will be using this for college, though it might not be the girliest bag I’ve seen it beats hurting my back and its useful unlike a small hand bag.

    Great compartments – enough to hold everything you want in different places
    Stands upright – if empty it stands up, granted if you do have stuff in it it might fall forward but the stuff inside doesn’t schlump down
    Ipad compartment is big – I though it might be tight. I do have a ipad mini but it has a rubber case and i thought it might be hard to shove in…but its not.
    My biggest problem is that my contents usually go straight to the bottom of the bag..I HATE THAT!!. But this bag gets rid of the problem.

    Heavy – it is a heavy bag..at around 3 pounds. But, after i put i computer in 4.25 pounds (mac pro) and a whole bunch of other stuff. it didn’t seem that heavy. i bet if you but it on a scale it would be around….18 pounds…but the bag if well made and has great padding…though ill let you know more after ive walked with it for a couple hours.
    Water bottle sleeve – it’s small. I knew that when i bought it. it fits my contigo about 7-8 inch high but i don’t think it would stay in if i started running or walked fast

    the main compartment isn’t big enough with the hard shell inside for a binder (from staples brand) (12 inch high) though it does fit in the compartment with the computer.

    Overall i would defiantly purchase this bag. i had trouble deciding between this one and the jansport envoy( saw it in staples the other day, to big and crappy looking)
    the junior size is great for me and i think it will work great for college(not big enough to hold many textbooks)
    though if your taller than 5’3 and you think you need a bigger backpack than get the regular slim.

    I have attached photos of the bag with the binder size issue and water bottle

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