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CYD 20V 65W PowerFast-Notebook-Netzteil für Lenovo Thinkpad Edge Carbon Yoga Flex E431 E440 E450 E531 E540 E550 E555 E560 G500 G505 G510 G410 L440 L450 L540 T431s T440 T440s T450 T540 T550 X240 X250 S431 IdeaPad S210 S500 S510p U330 U430 U430p U530 Z410 Z510 Flex 3 2 10 11 14 15 15D Y40 Z51 Z70 Z50 Z40 Z41 G40 G50 G51 G70 B50 0A36258 0B47030 0B47455 0B47481 ADLX45NLC3A ADLX65NCC2A ADLX65NLC2A C260-C470 W550s X1 Carbon Yoga 11 11s 13 2 Pro,8.2 Ft Power-Charger-Laptop-AC-Netzteil

CYD 20V 65W 8.2 Ft Long Laptop-AC-Netzteil has been tested and validated to ensure it will work with Lenovo laptops Lenovo Y40, Z40, Z41, Z50, Z51, Z70, Y40-70, Y40-80, Z50-70, Z50-75, Z40-70, Z41-70, Z51-70, Z70-80 Lenovo B40, B50, G40, G50, G51, G70, B40-80, B50-30, B50-45, B50-70, B50-80, G40-70, G40-80, G50-30, G50-45, G50-70, G50-80, G70-35, G70-80… Read More »

Lenovo Flex 11 Chromebook 11.6-Inch HD IPS Touch Panel (1366×768) MTK 8173c 4GB 32GB Chrome – ZA270025US

Support your mobile computing needs with this 11.6-inch Lenovo Flex touch screen laptop. The Intel Celeron N3350 processor delivers speeds of up to 1.1 GHz for fast web browsing, and the 32GB hard drive stores files and programs securely. This Lenovo Flex touch screen laptop is Bluetooth compatible and connects easily to wireless devices. MediaTek… Read More »